“Your safety is our concern.” Sintal.

Concern Sintal

In the year 1991 we established a company with a goal of offering a full variety of security services for both persons and property. A clear and straightforward aim from the very beginning “to provide our clients with reliable security services of top quality” led to the company success.

Nowadays the company Sintal can boast as the biggest security corporation in the national frame being the sole provider of services all over Slovenia. The company’s simple guiding principle: “Your safety is our concern“, fully takes into account the requests and suggestions of our clients.

Our strategy is set to widen the present range of service provision with other security related services. Hereunder we can claim that we are effectively realizing the concept of offering complex security state-wide.

All company’s efforts are directed into following the recent security technology trends. Moreover, with our expertise and experience we are able to implement and develop highly demanding systems for security and safety of persons and property.

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