“Your safety is our concern.” Sintal.

Company Key Indicators

  • More than 1.860 employees
  • Company turnover (for the year 2018) exceeds 54 mio EUR
  • More than 17.900 premises guarded with either physical or technical approach
  • Provision of physical guarding for more than 558 locations
  • Company’s car fleet comprises of more than 385 vehicles
  • More than 1.000 records of burglars being caught, and thousands of cases of theft, fire, flood and other inconveniences prevented.



revenue in mio EURUmsatz




physically secured premisesPhysisch bewachte Objekte


physically-technically secured premises(in 1.000)Physisch und technisch bewachte Objekte


security threat (percent of secured premises where a burglary occured)Sicherheirtsbedrohung_Sintal_Konzern_2016

sintal noga     Your safety is our concern    sintal noga

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